Multi-Modal Communications

Multi-Channel Audio Clarity and Transcription

AWARETM MMC Overview Video

AWARE’s Multi-Modal Communication (MMC) is a cloud-hosted advanced multi-modality communications capability that integrates live voice-to-text transcription with text messaging, voice playback, word searching in an intuitive user interface that improves 911 operator, field responder and command center comprehension and situational awareness

MMC provides 1st Responders and Incident Command the ability and necessity to monitor and track multiple talk groups (channels) simultaneously. By spatially separating radio traffic into the listener’s ear (think about surround sound for the listener), MMC enables incident teams to focus on and more quickly understand information coming across multiple radios. This leads to more efficient and effective decision-making — decisions that saves lives and property.

Through MMC’s ability to separates audio,  channels can be transmitted through different outputs in the same speaker, multiple messages can be heard clearly to ensure proper and efficient actions are taken in response.

Enhanced Audio Communications and Collaboration

Multi-modal Communication accurate, built-in transcription solution provides an exact record of all radio transmissions. You can read what is currently being said in real-time, on any device, while also listening to radio channels. MMC reduces indistinguishable radio transmissions that often result in unnecessary repetition or missing information.

MMC transcription engine can accurately transcribes messages almost instantly, and MMC transcription reports can later be integrated into “after action” reporting significantly reducing the time it takes to collect relevant incident data. In addition, MMC enables users to choose highlighted keywords and can change the selected keywords effortlessly and at any time.

MMC is compatible with all radios, tablets, smart phones and Mobile Display Terminals (MDT’s) eliminating the need to upgrade your equipment.
Benefits of Multi-Modal Communications for Incident Response and Management
Comprehensible radio traffic from all channels
Message Filtering and Search
Ability to highlight keywords
Real-Time Audio
Real-time, accurate transcription of all radio channels
Cross Platform and Vendor
Compatible with all radios, tablets, smart phones and MDT’s