Multi-Modal Communication

Comprehensible radio traffic from multiple sources simultaneously


Real-time audio transcription of all radio channels


Ability to highlight user-chosen keywords


Compatible with all radios and MDT’s

GlobalFlyte’s Multi-Modal Communication (MMC) technology was developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). MMC addresses a serious issue for incident commanders – the ability and necessity to monitor and track multiple talk groups (channels) simultaneously. By spatially separating radio traffic into the listener’s ear, MMC allows a user to comprehend each conversation individually.


The accurate, built-in transcription module provides a detailed account of radio transmissions so the end user can view and listen to audio files at once. MMC also reduces indistinguishable dialogue that often results in radio repetition or missing information. Transcription reports can later be integrated into an incident report to reduce the impact of data collection.


A user may define keywords to customize the transcription report to their preference and can change their selection effortlessly and at any time.


MMC is compatible with all radios and Mobile Display Terminals (MDT’s) eliminating the need to upgrade communications infrastructure or radio gear. This patented technology is licensed exclusively to GlobalFlyte for commercial use.

GlobalFlyte multi-modal communication technology radio transcription screenshot