Clarity to Chaos

Multi-Modal Communication
Real-time integration of various types of communication

MMC enables users to quickly comprehend information coming across multiple channels of communication.

Fully integrated real-time mapping platform

ActionMap improves the efficiency and collaboration of incident management for commanders and responders during various event

Mobile Application with real-time information sharing and collaboration in the field

MinuteMan empowers all users to stay connected in real time while responding.

AWARE™, a GlobalFlyte solution, is a secure, cloud hosted platform specifically designed to increase Situational Awareness through Communication, Comprehension, and Collaboration.
The AWARE™ suite of technologies provides a complete decision-making tool for any type of incident or event response.
Multi-Modal Communications
Live voice-to-text transcription, playback, text, and keyword highlight
Plan, share, and track events from start to finish
Stay connected with real-time updates in the field