West Virginia National Guard

West Virginia National Guard

GlobalFlyte Performs Groundbreaking Military Communications Systems Test with the West Virginia National Guard’s Joint Operations Center


GlobalFlyte’s technical team traveled to the West Virginia National Guard Joint Operations Center (JOC) to demonstrate how GlobalFlyte can provide clear comprehension from multiple radio channels and near real-time transcribed and transmitted speech to text during a disaster.


“This test was so important to prove how GlobalFlyte can simplify communications for first responders, emergency management professionals and JOC staff. To know that this set of tools is available to enhance communication comprehension among various response agencies can be a real boost for State emergency preparation and response,” said James Gruenberg, GlobalFlyte Chief Mission Officer.


Roger Mann, GlobalFlyte CEO added, “This groundbreaking positive system test has tremendous implications for both the National Guard’s State and federal missions. This test proves that GlobalFlyte can take complex military radio traffic and feed it into our solution and successfully understand and transcribe the various radio talk groups and provide near real-time speech to text that can be read on any mobile device. This gives our citizen soldiers increased comprehension of incidents and emergencies and a better understanding of incident dynamics which makes all the difference when lives are on line.”


Tim Shaw, GlobalFlyte President/COO also shared, “GlobalFlyte’s team of seasoned public safety professionals bring a unique understanding of and passion for identifying solutions by developing and integrating communication comprehension technologies borne out of U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) with commercially developed mapping, imaging and smart phone technologies. This integration creates excellence in situational awareness for our Federal, State and local government officials responding to emergency and crisis incidents.  These technologies can also support public works and economic development departments through a tethered drone and unique imaging and mapping applications.”