Timothy Shaw

President & COO – GlobalFlyte , VP Midwest Operations – SP Global

Tim joined SP Global to afford his extensive experience and his successful track record managing crisis incidents and emergency planning & disaster response, and serves also as President & COO of GlobalFlyte.

As a Special Agent of the FBI, Tim was involved in many crisis and rapid response situations as a S.W.A.T. agent. His field experience runs the gamut from local response matters, to major national incidents and detailed operations. Daily, he applies the practical experience he gained from 18 years of S.W.A.T. missions and responses to the GlobalFlyte product and team. Tim has leveraged his professional first responder contacts to elicit input and access to equipment to help shape and mature the GlobalFlyte suite of services.

Tim holds a BA in Physical Education from Muskingum University and JD degree from Ohio Northern University.  He received the outstanding Law Enforcement Award for his work in Miami focused on Columbian drug cartels on two separate occasions. He was awarded the Outstanding Faculty award twice while the Dean of the School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences at Tiffin University, Ohio.