Enhancing Situational Awareness through improved Communication, Collaboration, and Comprehension

End-to-End Incident Management

The AWARETM solution was specifically designed to bring Clarity from Chaos.

Our secure, cloud-based suite of technologies is compatible with existing hardware and software for seamless integration into your daily workflow. AWARE is a centralized incident response platform that advances and improves situational awareness for a quicker and safer response through improved Communication, Collaboration, and Comprehension.

This easy to use, fully integrated platform of communication and visualization tools is as useful to a small department as it is to a major urban disaster response agency by providing decision support before, during, and after an event.
Plan, share, and track events from start to finish

AWARE’s ActionMap provides a real-time, fully integrated response platform for the incident commander and responders during an incident of any size or type.

Multi-Modal Communications
Live voice-to-text transcription, voice playback, text messaging, and keyword highlight

MMC provides users with a consistent stream of communication through the combination of various modes of communication including real-time transcription. This leads to more efficient and effective decision-making – decisions that save lives and property.
Stay connected with real-time updates in the field

MinuteMan provides First Responders with on-demand, real-time incident updates through the integration of text messages, turn-by-turn directions, and responder availability and tracking.

AWARE Incident Management Benefits


AWARE gives emergency operation center directors and staff the ability to manage large scale incidents and comprehend resource requirements and usage in a collaborative and user-friendly environment.

AWARE provides real-time situational awareness of incident complexities and enables on-scene incident commanders and field responders to communicate efficiently and effectively across agencies and jurisdictions.

AWARE offers special event planners and coordinators the ability to share critical information in a collaborative environment and to pre-stage events in advance of “game day”.