• Instantly comprehensible radio traffic from multiple sources simultaneously
  • Real-time audio transcription of all radio channels
  • User-chosen keywords highlighted
  • After-action reporting simplified
  • Compatible with all radios and MDTs
  • Increased communication clarity up to 70%

GlobalFlyte’s MULTI MODAL component is a multi-modal communication solution developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to address a major concern during combat.  Multiple sources talking simultaneously causes dialog to become indistinguishable, resulting in constant repetition, time wasted and critical data missed.The resulting technology spatially separates radio traffic, allowing the listener to focus on each conversation as needed.  Built in, real time audio transcription of each channel, with user chosen keywords highlighted — such as mayday, bomb, house fire, traffic accident – significantly increases recognition time and situational awareness.


According to studies by AFRL, spatially separating the voice channels increases intelligibility by 30-40%.  Adding built-in transcription with over 70% accuracy, increases overall comprehension up to 70% and significantly reduces repeated voice transmissions.


The painstaking time required to generate after-action reports can be greatly reduced as the technology has already recorded and transcribed all radio traffic related to the incident.


MULTI MODAL is compatible with all radios and all Mobile Display Terminals (MDTs).  The outstanding capabilities results in dramatic increases in the ROI of existing and upgraded radio gear and communications infrastructure. This patented technology is licensed exclusively to GlobalFlyte for commercial use.