• Results in rapid message communication and detail response delivery
  • Compatible with existing mobile devices
  • Helps to identify when personnel will be on scene
  • Supports text and media

GlobalFlyte’s MINUTE MAN is a specialized smartphone application that uses existing mobile devices for rapid message communication and detailed response delivery.


Deploying MINUTE MAN enables messages to rapidly be sent to multiple individuals inside an organization. For example, all SWAT Team Members, on or off duty during the shift, regardless of their location or status.


Responses are correlated to the rank of the responding recipient. This assists the original message sender in identify which responses to read, and to be able to quickly ascertain which members are available to assist and when they will arrive on scene.


Receipt of the messages is acknowledged before the message can be fully read.  While on route to the scene, updates and intelligence can be passed to avoid radio clutter.


Emergency officials can send photos of potential problem areas or obstacles to the Emergency Operation Center or to the incident commander via MINUTE MAN.