Compatible with all smart phones (both iOS and Android)


Reduces radio traffic through rapid, secure text messaging with all team members


Identifies responder availability


Identifies individual responder arrival times


Provides responder with turn-by-turn navigation to the scene

GlobalFlyte Emergency Communication Minute Man App Map Capabilities Screenshot
GlobalFlyte Minute Man Emergency Communication App Screenshot

Aware’s MINUTEMAN is a patented smart phone application. MinuteMan answers the “Who, What, When and Where” during emergency response.


When you deploy MinuteMan you can rapidly and easily send and receive secure messages from your team, whether they are on or off duty, and regardless of their current location. This greatly reduces the need for repeated radio transmissions like where the staging area is located and asking for location and status. MinuteMan also provides responders with turn-by-turn navigation, especially critical for mutual aid responders who may not know your area.


While in route to the scene, updates, photos, videos and other intelligence can be passed, via MinuteMan, to avoid radio clutter. All messages receive an acknowledgment when viewed by the recipient for documentation purposes.


Click on the video below to learn more about how MinuteMan works.