GlobalFlyte Provides Support For The United States Air Force Marathon And The University Of Cincinnati Home Opener Football Game

GlobalFlyte Provides Support For The United States Air Force Marathon And The University Of Cincinnati Home Opener Football Game

Last Saturday was a very busy day for the GlobalFlyte team. The day started early as the GlobalFlyte Incident Command Solution was utilized in the City of Fairborn Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for city emergency response officials to provide essential support and information for the United States Air Force Marathon. Fairborn police and fire officials successfully monitored several radio channels with real-time transcription, using GlobalFlyte’s Air Force Research Laboratory licensed technology Multi-Modal Communication (MMC).  GlobalFlyte’s MinuteMan technology equipped Fairborn officers, located at posts along the Marathon route, with the ability to send cell phone pictures and videos of exactly what they were seeing to the EOC.  Then these same pictures and videos appeared instantaneously on screens in the EOC for commanders to examine and to monitor. This seamless, instantaneous common operating picture is exactly what GlobalFlyte is designed to provide to small and medium sized local governments.  GlobalFlyte adds its congratulations to the City of Fairborn for its tireless service to its citizens and to the thousands of participants, volunteers and visitors to last weekend’s very successful US Air Force Marathon.


Fairborn Police and Fire using GlobalFlyte during the USAF Marathon.

Later that evening, the University of Cincinnati (UC) utilized GlobalFlyte, in their EOC, to support their home opening football game. Using GlobalFlyte, the UC EOC staff monitored the location of police, fire and emergency personnel and units inside and outside the stadium, before during and after the game. Units in key locations before the game were able to provide pictures utilizing the MinuteMan application enabling EOC staff to view the actual flow of spectators into the stadium. Radio traffic was monitored via MMC and as key officials entered the EOC, they were able to obtain an immediate picture of where their resources were positioned via the GlobalFlyte ActionMap displayed on screens throughout the EOC.  GlobalFlyte thanks the entire UC EOC team for all their efforts to keep their students, faculty and many visitors safe daily and during major events.

GlobalFlyte added unique, key elements that created more robust situational awareness for our emergency responders in both venues and applauds both the City of Fairborn and the University of Cincinnati for their innovative spirit for becoming GlobalFlyte “Early Adopters”.




GlobalFlyte in operation in the UC EOC to run Special Event, home opener football game.