GlobalFlyte Joins NACo

GlobalFlyte Joins NACo

Incident Response of Tomorrow…Never before has there been instantly comprehensible emergency response radio traffic along with live bird’s eye view of an incident scene – all in one picture.

GlobalFlyte, Inc. (“GlobalFlyte”) was formed in Dayton, Ohio to commercialize technology developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) based at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. GlobalFlyte was built on over $5M of AFRL’s R&D effort and world leadership in 3D audio and voice transcription in noisy, stressed environments.

GlobalFlyte’s team integrates communication technologies with commercially developed mapping, imaging and smart phone technologies.  This integration creates a unique robust situational awareness solution for our local government public safety users responding to emergency and crisis incidents.

Globalflyte’s team of seasoned public safety professionals bring a unique understanding of and passion for identifying solutions that improve situational awareness, improve response times, compliment real-world decision-making and ultimately save the lives of the responders and the citizens they serve.


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