GlobalFlyte Graduates to Silver Partner in Esri Partner Network

GlobalFlyte Graduates to Silver Partner in Esri Partner Network

Dayton, Ohio – GlobalFlyte, an incident response platform bringing revolutionary capabilities to emergency response management, has become an official Silver Partner in the Esri Partner Network (EPN) after building the business as an initial Esri Startup Program Emerging Partner. To be eligible for EPN the company must demonstrate a commitment to help further develop and support the ArcGIS® platform and the Esri user community at large. Esri is the world leader in location intelligence and mapping technologies.


“Working with Esri, first as a Startup Partner and now graduating into the Esri Partner Network, supported GlobalFlyte’s ability to develop, deliver, and scale our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution in less than two years,” stated Roger Mann, GlobalFlyte CEO. He added, “Esri’s technical and business experts assured GlobalFlyte was affordable, convenient, secure, instantly available and most importantly useful. We now have several paying early adopters, all leveraging existing ArcGIS platforms and a multitude of layers, such as traffic, fire hydrants, schools, hospitals, fire stations and police stations all delivered into the GlobalFlyte Common Operating Picture on demand. Our early adopters rave about the ease of integration and particularly appreciate that GlobalFlyte leverages their current mapping and radio infrastructure investments to help them better comprehend the pace of an incident. The rise of weather calamites and other emergencies underscore the need to better share and comprehend incident information in mutual aid situations and means more and more jurisdictions will want to subscribe to GlobalFlyte’s Esri ArcGIS enabled services.” 


GlobalFlyte’s team of seasoned public safety professionals bring a unique understanding of and passion for identifying solutions by developing and integrating communication comprehension technologies borne out of U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) with Esri ArcGIS mapping, imaging and smart phone technologies. This integration creates a unique robust situational awareness solution for our local government public safety users responding to emergency and crisis incidents. These technologies can also support public works and economic development departments through a tethered drone and unique imaging and mapping applications.

“We are incredible impressed with the rapid integration from the GlobalFlyte’s team, who took full advantage of all the opportunities provided by the Esri Startup Program,” said Katie Decker, Esri Startup Team Community Manager.  Katie added, “It is exciting to witness GlobalFlyte’s growth and the value that this unique solution offers to emergency first responders across the country. We certainly look forward to continuing to work with the GlobalFlyte team and introducing them to the broader audience of Esri users.


CONTACT: Ronda Mosley, 937 469 5052


GlobalFlyte brings revolutionary capabilities to incident response management. Cost-effective, easy to deploy, and scalable to meet small and large departmental needs, this suite of services on a single platform will change the way your department responds to and manages emergency events. To find out more, please visit
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