Frequently Asked Questions

Where can a customer access Aware?

A registered user can access the Aware solution from home, in a car or in the office, on a smart phone or on a mobile display terminal (MDT), computer, iPad or tablet – anywhere or on any device where you have Internet connectivity.  If you have areas where Internet is spotty, or you experience dead zones (areas where there is no Internet connection), GlobalFlyte has a solution for that issue as well.

Can we use our own existing ESRI layers with Aware?

Yes. Aware can incorporate existing ESRI layers, as well as additional Geographic Information System (GIS) layers that are housed within your agency or department.  Some examples of layers that can be incorporated include: fire hydrants, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, flood zones, traffic cameras, etc.

How does Aware compare to a Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)?

Aware works within any CAD system and enhances CAD capabilities. How? Aware takes any CAD generated data and builds a data rich common operating picture that exceeds typical CAD functionality.

Who would benefit from using Aware’s Multi-Modal Communication (MMC)?

Incident commanders or their designees can monitor all radio communications, simultaneously, from their command post enabling superior communication comprehension.  Dispatchers can likewise read real-time radio communication transcriptions and stay completely informed about an ongoing incident, while continuing other important dispatch functions.  Field personnel can read transcripts in high noise environments. MMC enables all levels of command to monitor incidents from wherever they are, clearing the fog of chaos in emergency situations.

What security standards does Aware utilize for its Software as a Service (SaaS) solution?

Aware uses industry recognized and accepted encryption to transmit data to and from our hosted private, controlled virtual cloud.

Do I need to purchase any additional equipment when I become an Aware customer?

No.  The Aware solution fits into any existing infrastructure whether you are a large agency or department, city, township or county, State or Federal agency or college or university.

If I add users during an emergency, for instance in a mutual aid situation, do I have to pay for them?

An Aware partner can add additional users at any time.  GlobalFlyte will, once a quarter, review your user list with you. A nominal cost will be charged for all new users and those that are not needed can be removed.

Can I monitor the incident and radio communication even if I am not on scene?

Yes. Aware enables permissioned users to log onto any device, at any time, to monitor any incident to gain immediate situational awareness and communication comprehension.

How does Aware send our radio traffic to their cloud?

GlobalFlyte installs a small converter box at your location that connects to your department provided radios. This box converts audio into wave files and transmits these files utilizing your network to the Aware cloud solution. This connection is included in the service that Aware offers. All data and file transfers are encrypted and protected by Aware.

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