COVID-19 Response
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AWARE™ is here to support your COVID-19 response and recovery in a safe and informed manner. Our goal is to assist you in uninterrupted incident management with the addition of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Management with AWARE™

AWARETM supports your essential mission of protecting your citizens and responding to the daily needs of your city or county.  The COVID-19 worldwide pandemic has added complexity and many unknowns to incident management, but now can be identified and tracked during an event.
How Can AWARETM Help?

AWARE’s ActionMap provides a real-time, fully integrated situational awareness platform for use during any incident or event including COVID-19. AWARE can be initiated by dispatch, public health, police or fire and viewed by these same public service entities providing services to your community.

AWARE’s ActionMap incorporates locally generated GIS data layers including nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and demographic data. AWARE has created custom markers to identify hotspots and potential areas of concern with COVID-19. These markers can assist in tracking the spread of COVID-19 as well as where responders need to take extra health precautions.

AWARETM COVID-19 Features and Capabilities

AWARETM has added markers to our ActionMap, to aid in your response and recovery, that:
Display current and potential COVID-19 hotspots based on testing results.
Identify protection zones and receive alerts when responders are in an area where PPE is required.
Blend day-to-day operations with COVID-19 response for continued situational awareness.
Track your plans throughout each phase so all providers are aware of the location of closures, hotspots, service areas, etc.
Track COVID-19 situations and economic recovery efforts through the MinuteMan smartphone application.
Assure the protection and safety of first responders with real time updates.
We are in this together!

Please contact us at, call us at (937) 280-6004, or click the button below for our contact form to enlist our immediate assistance with your COVID-19 response and recovery.