Action Map

Fully-integrated common operating picture (COP)


Encompasses local data


Provides ability to view audio transcriptions


Displays the locations of all responders

GlobalFlyte’s ACTION MAP is a fully integrated common operating picture (COP) that incorporates local data to include critical infrastructure, roads, schools, etc. to the end user. Radio transcription and GPS locations of all on-scene responders are available at a glance.


This map feature provides the opportunity to display radio transcriptions from ISO AUDIO with pushpin GPS location of all local responders.


MINUTE MAN, a smartphone chat-centric view, sends and receives secure messages & photos to groups or individuals to keep radio channels open for critical incident traffic.  This mapping feature also allows the capture of live “bird’s eye” video feeds via the LIVE EYE solution.

GlobalFlyte Action Map Common Operating Picture With Video Stream Screenshot
GlobalFlyte Action Map Common Operating Picture Screenshot