Fully-integrated real-time common operating picture (COP)


Incorporates locally generated location data


Provides ability to view audio transcriptions


Provides the ability to upload and store pre-plans


Displays the locations of all responders

Aware’s ACTIONMAP provides a real-time, fully integrated common operating picture (COP) for the incident commander and responders during an incident of any size or type.


ActionMap ensures everyone associated with an incident from the dispatcher, to the incident commander, to the responders are all looking at exactly the same information as the incident develops. ActionMap can be displayed on a tablet at the scene, on a vehicle’s MDT, on a large screen in an Emergency Operations Center, on a dispatcher’s computer or on any responder’s smart phone.


ActionMap can easily incorporate locally generated data layers including critical infrastructure, hospitals, schools, etc. ActionMap can also display real-time video from cameras located around your jurisdiction, as well as real-time radio transcription and map based pin points for all responding units.


Previously generated pre-plans can be uploaded for easy access at any time.


Click on the video below to learn more about how ActionMap works.

GlobalFlyte Action Map Common Operating Picture With Video Stream Screenshot
GlobalFlyte Action Map Common Operating Picture Screenshot