About Us

Our Mission

To continually improve emergency response operations by providing unparalleled communications, imaging and data technologies on an integrated platform for the purpose of saving lives, protecting property and managing catastrophic incidents to minimize loss.

GlobalFlyte, Inc. is the result of efforts to commercialize unique technology developed by the world-renowned U.S. Air Force Research Lab in Dayton, Ohio.  The company is guided by a leadership team with substantial experience and success with emerging technologies, as well as deep experience in incident management.


Below you can explore the multiple partners we are engaged with in our mission to create the best incident response platform for departments and agencies of all sizes.

Our Values


by supporting our public safety officials and our communities by providing technologies to protect lives and preserve property.


in all our relationships and with all our products and services.


to providing state-of-the-art technologies that saves lives and property.


drives our passion for excellence and our collaborative spirit.


for our public safety officials and those they serve and protect.


to provide real-world technologies deployable in the field, to provide outstanding customer service and to give our investors long-term returns.

Our Locations

Our Team

Roger Mann
Former Executive with Lockheed Martin
Tim Shaw
President & COO
Former FBI Agent
Jim Gruenberg
Chief Mission Officer
Former FDNY Firefighter and Task Force Leader of Ohio Task Force 1
Andy Hill
Sales Director
Former Corporal in the United States Marine Corp
Danielle Garmann
Operation Manager
Former Staff Sergeant with the United States Army
Steve Schultz
Former CTO of Pictometry
Ronda Mosley
Public Safety Relations Director
Former Associate Executive Director with Public Technology Institute (PTI).
Scott Hill
Sales Consultant
Former Rochester NY Police Captain + VP Operations Pictometry
Wayne Harper
Sales Consultant
Former Fire Battalion Chief Gwinnett County, GA
Eddie Starr
Regional VP of Sales MidAtlantic
Former Pictometry District Manager-Goverment Division
Milan Mueller
Director of Business Development
Founded the public safety company, The Omega Group

Our Partners

IP Partners

GlobalFlyte would not be possible without the support, technology, and software provided by SPGlobal, AFRL, and ESRI.

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